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Low-intervention & Sustainable Wines

Curated with love, 
Delivered with care.


About & FAQ

What is WINEFACE about?


WINEFACE is a wine delivery service that currently operates

in the city of Düsseldorf. We're working on expanding the service

nationwide in Germany.


The idea is to get you trying new wines, by delivering them right to your door!


There are amazing wines out there that are made by passionate, independent winemakers. We're constantly tracking down these bottles, to offer you a curated selection of wines at the best value.

What does WINEFACE care about?

  • no mass-production, hence more authenticity and quality,

  • getting to know less known yet greatly interesting native grapes,

  • sustainable, well-thought-out grape growing and winemaking 

Who is behind WINEFACE?




We are Güliz and Marco; a Turkish-Italian couple, living in Düsseldorf since 2014.

Good wine is our passion. We love to try new wines and learn about what is behind the bottle: the winemaker, the land, and the story. Güliz is a holder of WSET L2 Award in Wines, and Marco a WSET candidate.


Our aim is to make the world of wine a little bit more fun, accessible, and sustainable. This is how we started dreaming about Wineface back in 2019. Now it's here, and we're very excited to offer you well-thought-out, delicious low-intervention wines!

Any feedback or comments are always appreciated. Feel free to contact us anytime on Instagram or at


Güliz & Marco

How do we select the wines we offer? 

We're closely collaborating with like-minded distributors and small-batch producers who share similar values with us. We're tasting and selecting the wines with utmost care (and love).


Certain part of our selection is imported directly from Italy – from the producers we personally know and/or have met, who make great wines out of known and less known indigenous grape varietals. This way, our aim is to ensure that you'll get a new wine experience that is including but not limited to

Primitivo, Amarone or Barolo.

Why do we call it WINEFACE?


Simple. We just love the merry blush that wine puts on the cheeks!


Transparent Glasses


Curated playlists for

your wine moments


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