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A delicate "Spumante" aka sparkling wine from the heart of the Veneto region, Italy. Rivolto is made out of a special selection of white grapes, following the Charmant method. First fermentation takes place in steel tanks and the second one in the bottle for 3 months. The result is a delicate sparkling wine with a persistent, creamy perlage, and an intense bouquet of citrus and apple aromas. It has a soft finish thanks to the 13 g/l of residual sugar.


It's great to enjoy it either solo or with an aperitivo plate or even a dessert aside! 


Country: Italy / Veneto

Colour: Straw yellow

Grape: White blend

Special features: Independen winemaker 🌱

Bottle size: 750ml

Serving temperature: 7-8°C 

Alcohol by volume: 11 %

Allergen information: Contains sulphites

Pairs well with: Snacks, cheese plates, aperitivo, desserts

Fun (wine) fact: On the label there is an art piece from the artist Fabio Baggio Bajo (check him out here), who is also a good friend of the winemaker Ricardo Zanotto.




Zanotto Rivolto Spumante Extra Dry

1 Liter

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